Collected Papers in Physics and Engineering

  title={Collected Papers in Physics and Engineering},
  author={John Perky},
WHEN Sir Joseph Larmor edited the scientific papers of Lord Kelvin and Prof. Fitzgerald he did work which nobody else could have done so perfectly; his time, however valuable, was spent to advantage. The editing of these papers of Lord Kelvin's brother might have been undertaken by many others, but now that the excellent result is before us we cannot regret it, and we must confess that we did not expect to find in the editor such a perfect sympathy with James Thomson's methods of study. He… 
Natural Philosophy and Thermodynamics: William Thomson and ‘The Dynamical Theory of Heat’
  • Crosbie Smith
  • Art
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1976
William Thomson's image as a professional mathematical physicist who adheres, particularly in his work in classical thermodynamics, to a strict experimental basis for his science, avoids speculative
William Thomson – father of thermogeology
William Thomson was among the first scientists to try to understand thermogeology: the flow and storage of heat in the Earth. His interest in the field can be regarded as one of the fruits of a
James and William Thomson: the creation of thermodynamics
In his Belfast notebooks, James Thomson demonstrated deep thinking about the nature of heat and work, and his analysis of the lowering of the freezing point of water under pressure was a crucial step
To the synthesis of classical and quantum physic
The possibility has been validated to adjust fundamental differences between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics from the position of the wave theory of matter structure. A derivation of the
Plantation Energy: From Slave Labor to Machine Discipline
Energy and Abolition The history of the second slavery shows that no fundamental incompatibility existed between slaveholding and technology-driven production. In fact, their merger created
Entropy and exergy in irreversible renewable energy systems
  • U. Lucia
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • 2013