Collected Papers

  title={Collected Papers},
  author={G. H. L.},
  journal={The Indian Medical Gazette},
  pages={375 - 375}
  • G. L.
  • Published 1 September 1912
  • Physics
  • The Indian Medical Gazette
THIS volume is the first to be produced of the projected nine volumes of the collected papers of the late Prof. H. A. Lorentz. It contains a number of papersnineteen in all, mainly printed addressesotherwise accessible only in rather scattered places. The period covered is 1897-1927 and the subjects are spread over practically the whole wide range of the author's interests. There are lectures on hydrodynamics; on the Zeeman and other magneto-optical effects; on the rotation of the earth and its… 

The physics of space and time II: A reassessment of Einstein's 1905 special relativity paper

A detailed re-examination of the seminal paper on special relativity, taking into account recent work on the physical interpretation of the space-time Lorentz transformation as well as the modern


Reproduced verbatim below is a lecture by B. M. Wilson, one of the three editors of Ramanujan’s Collected Papers [13], given at the University of Leeds in (probably) May, 1927. It might be noted that

This Year's B.M.J

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    British medical journal
  • 1964
This week's journal is the result of a number of typographical experiments carried out during the past year or so, and the new face appears to be more relaxed and less austere than the old face.

The Distribution of Prime Numbers

THIS interesting “Cambridge Tract” is concerned mainly with the behaviour, for large values of x, of the function n(x), which denotes the number of primes not exceeding x. The first chapter gives

On a special function

Discarded fragments from Ramanujan's papers

Published with Ramanujan’s lost notebook are several partial manuscripts, some of which evidently were intended to be portions of papers that were published by him. In the present paper, we provide a


A good title for the review of these books would be “An Old Kind of Science.” It was in the Italian renaissance that the solution of cubics and quartics revolutionized attitudes: mathematics had not

Review of \Alterations and resolution of singularities"

The book contains a collection of articles by participants of the Working Week on Resolution of Singularities held at Obergurgl in Tirol, September 7-14, 1997. It is dedicated to Oscar Zariski, the

Jeans' role in the law of black-body radiation

Recent articles by Dougal (1976) and Whitaker (1979) in this magazine use the presentation of the Rayleigh-Jeans law as an example of quasi-history that takes a logical order of development as the

The Dirac Equation of the Compton Effect

We are looking at a Dirac electron in the electromagnetic field of a plane monochrome polarized X-ray. It will be attempted to link the terms of a certain (joint) asymptotic expansion of the




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  • 1907
Morriston Davies in a very valuable paper on the " Functions of the Trigeminal Nerve," based partly on experimental evidence, and partly on the material afforded by fifty cases in which the Gasserian ganglion had been removed, brings forward the following evidence.

Second International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease: International consensus guidance statement on the treatment of IgG4-related disease

  • Second International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease: International consensus guidance statement on the treatment of IgG4-related disease