Collation and data-mining of literature bioactivity data for drug discovery.

  title={Collation and data-mining of literature bioactivity data for drug discovery.},
  author={Louisa J. Bellis and Ruth Akhtar and Bissan Al-Lazikani and Francis Atkinson and A. Patr{\'i}cia Bento and Jon Chambers and Mark Davies and Anna Gaulton and Anne Hersey and Kazuyoshi Ikeda and Felix A. Kr{\"u}ger and Yvonne Light and Shaun McGlinchey and Rita Santos and Benjamin Stauch and John P. Overington},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={39 5},
The challenge of translating the huge amount of genomic and biochemical data into new drugs is a costly and challenging task. Historically, there has been comparatively little focus on linking the biochemical and chemical worlds. To address this need, we have developed ChEMBL, an online resource of small-molecule SAR (structure-activity relationship) data, which can be used to support chemical biology, lead discovery and target selection in drug discovery. The database contains the abstracted… CONTINUE READING


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