Collapsing to Alexandrov spaces with isolated mild singularities

  title={Collapsing to Alexandrov spaces with isolated mild singularities},
  author={Tadashi Fujioka},
  journal={Differential Geometry and its Applications},
  • Tadashi Fujioka
  • Published 25 August 2021
  • Mathematics
  • Differential Geometry and its Applications



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In this paper the comparison result for the heat kernel on Riemannian manifolds with lower Ricci curvature bound by Cheeger and Yau (1981) is extended to locally compact path metric spaces (X,d) with

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Let $M$ be an Alexandrov space collapsing to an Alexandrov space $X$ of lower dimension. Suppose $X$ has no proper extremal subsets and let $F$ denote a regular fiber. We slightly improve the result

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An $e^\epsilon$-Lipschitz and co-Lipschitz map, as a metric analogue of an $\epsilon$-Riemannian submersion, naturally arises from a sequence of Alexandrov spaces with curvature uniformly bounded

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1 We prove the generalized Margulis lemma with a uniform index bound on an Alexandrov [Formula: see text]-space [Formula: see text] with curvature bounded below, i.e. small loops at [Formula: see

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T H E O R E M 0. The topological group H(X) of homeomorphisms of a finite simplicial complex X onto itself is locally contractible. This result does not extend to ENR's (euclidean neighborhood