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Collapse of $\sim 10^4$ $M_\odot$ population III supermassive stars with neutrino transfer

  title={Collapse of \$\sim 10^4\$ \$M\_\odot\$ population III supermassive stars with neutrino transfer},
  author={Chris Nagele and Hideyuki Umeda and Koh Takahashi and Takashi Yoshida and Kohsuke Sumiyoshi},
Wecalculate the neutrino signal fromPopulation III supermassive star collapse using a neutrino transfer code originally developed for core collapse supernovae and massive star collapse. Using this code, we are able to investigate the supermassive star mass range thought to undergo neutrino trapping (∼ 104 M ), a mass range which has been neglected by previous works because of the difficulty of neutrino transfer. For models in this mass range, we observe a neutrino-sphere with a large radius and… Expand


Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars: The Physics of Compact Objects
Stuart L Shapiro and Saul A Teukolsky 1983 Chichester: John Wiley xvii + 645 pp price Β£37.95 (Β£20.45 paperback) ISBN 0 471 87317 9 Hdbk, 0 471 87316 0 Pbk No physics course is really complete without… Expand