Collagenous colitis: physiologic and histopathologic studies in seven patients.

  title={Collagenous colitis: physiologic and histopathologic studies in seven patients.},
  author={Francis M. Giardiello and Theodore M. Bayless and Jos{\'e} Jessurun and Scott Hamilton and John H. Yardley},
  journal={Annals of internal medicine},
  volume={106 1},
Collagenous colitis is a clinicopathologic syndrome with chronic watery diarrhea, diffuse colitis with surface epithelial injury, and a distinctive collagen band beneath the surface epithelium especially in the proximal colon. The cases of seven patients (including six middle-aged women) with chronic, watery, noninfectious diarrhea were studied. Roentgenographic and endoscopic findings were not diagnostic. Two patients had rectal mucosal inflammation but sparing of the distal colon from… CONTINUE READING
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