Collagen prolyl hydroxylases are essential for breast cancer metastasis.

  title={Collagen prolyl hydroxylases are essential for breast cancer metastasis.},
  author={Daniele M Gilkes and Pallavi Chaturvedi and Saumendra Bajpai and Carmen Chak-lui Wong and Hong Hong Wei and Stephen Pitcairn and Maimon E. Hubbi and Denis Wirtz and Gregg L Semenza},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={73 11},
The presence of hypoxia and fibrosis within the primary tumor are two major risk factors for metastasis of human breast cancer. In this study, we demonstrate that hypoxia-inducible factor 1 activates the transcription of genes encoding collagen prolyl hydroxylases that are critical for collagen deposition by breast cancer cells. We show that expression of collagen prolyl hydroxylases promotes cancer cell alignment along collagen fibers, resulting in enhanced invasion and metastasis to lymph… CONTINUE READING


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