Collagen of umbilical cord arteries and its alterations in EPH-gestosis.

  title={Collagen of umbilical cord arteries and its alterations in EPH-gestosis.},
  author={Edward Bańkowski and Lech Romanowicz and Stefan Jaworski},
  journal={Journal of perinatal medicine},
  volume={21 6},
We decided to investigate the EPH-gestosis--connected alterations in collagen of the umbilical cord arteries. The samples of arterial walls were submitted to histological and biochemical studies. It was found that umbilical cord arteries taken from newborns of mothers with EPH-gestosis contain more than twice the amount of collagen in comparison to corresponding arteries of newborns from normal pregnancies. An increase of collagen content in these vessels in accompanied by a slight decrease of… CONTINUE READING
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