Collagen mediates adhesion of Streptococcus mutans to human dentin.

  title={Collagen mediates adhesion of Streptococcus mutans to human dentin.},
  author={L. M. Switalski and W G Butcher and P C Caufield and Marilyn S. Lantz},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={61 10},
Some strains of Streptococcus mutans were found to recognize and bind collagen type I. Binding of 125I-labeled collagen type I was specific in that collagen types I and II, but not unrelated proteins, were able to inhibit binding of the labeled ligand to bacteria. Collagen binding to S. mutans was partially reversible and involved a limited number of bacterial binding sites per cell. S. mutans UA 140 cells bound collagen type I with high affinity (Kd = 8 x 10(-8) M). The number of binding sites… CONTINUE READING

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