Collagen-induced arthritis in rats. Comparison of vitreous and cartilage-derived collagens.

  title={Collagen-induced arthritis in rats. Comparison of vitreous and cartilage-derived collagens.},
  author={John M. Stuart and M. A. Cremer and Saryu N. Dixit and Andrew Kang and A. S. Townes},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
  volume={22 4},
An oil emulsion of purified type II collagen from bovine articular cartilage when injected intradermally into rats induced an inflammatory polyarthritis in 4 of 12 animals. When similarly injected, collagen purified from bonve vitreous induced arthritis in 6 of 12 animals. Studies of humoral and cell-mediated immunity to both collagen preparations demonstrated complete cross-reactivity. It is concluded that vitreous collagen shares the arthritogenic property of cartilage-derived type II… CONTINUE READING

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