Collagen as an implantable material in medicine and dentistry.

  title={Collagen as an implantable material in medicine and dentistry.},
  author={Maria G Patino and Mirdza E Neiders and Sebastiano Andreana and Bernice K. Noble and Robert E Cohen},
  journal={The Journal of oral implantology},
  volume={28 5},
Collagen is a highly versatile material, extensively used in the medical, dental, and pharmacological fields. Collagen is capable of being prepared into cross-linked compacted solids or into lattice-like gels. Resorbable forms of collagen have been used to dress oral wounds, for closure of graft and extraction sites, and to promote healing. Collagen-based membranes also have been used in periodontal and implant therapy as barriers to prevent epithelial migration and allow cells with… CONTINUE READING