Collagen: the organic matrix of bone.

  title={Collagen: the organic matrix of bone.},
  author={Andrew Miller},
  journal={Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences},
  volume={304 1121},
  • Andrew Miller
  • Published 1984 in
    Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
Collagen is the principal organic matrix in bone. The triple helical region of the molecule is 1014 amino acids long. In fibrils these molecules are staggered axially by integers of 234 residues or 68 nm (D). This axial shift occurs by self-assembly and can be understood in terms of a periodicity in the occurrence of apolar and polar residues in the amino acid sequence. Because the molecular length L = 4.47 D, there are gaps 1.5 X 36.5 nm regularly arrayed throughout the fibrils. The three… CONTINUE READING


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