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Collaborative language revival - the work of Kaurna Warra Pintyandi

  title={Collaborative language revival - the work of Kaurna Warra Pintyandi},
  author={Rob Amery and Ann Rigney},

Having it Both Ways: Towards Recognition of the Kaurna Language Movement Within the Community and Within the University Sector

Proceedings title in French: Langues en peril au-dela des frontieres: Connexions communautaires, approches collaboratives, et recherche interdisciplinaire

Reclaiming the Kaurna language: a long and lasting collaboration in an urban setting

A long-running collaboration between Kaurna people and linguists in South Australia began in 1989 with a songbook. Following annual community workshops and the establishment of teaching programs, the

4 Monitoring the use of Kaurna

Kaurna, the language of the Adelaide Plains in South Australia, was probably last spoken on an everyday basis in the 1860s. Fortunately, reasonable documentation has enabled its revival some 130