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Collaborative Music-Making with Interactive Tabletops

  title={Collaborative Music-Making with Interactive Tabletops},
  author={Niklas Kl{\"u}gel},
Few IT-systems focus on collaboration in electronic music-making, despite evidence that musical engagement is embedded deeply into socio-cultural and collaborative constructs. Hence, certain socio-technological aspects and phenomena can not be leveraged for these creative tasks. We aim to foster musical collaboration by means of IT-driven, situative creativity support that makes use of interactive tabletops. Musical domains are approached on the basis of structural, perceptional and… 


Computer Musicking: HCI, CSCW and Collaborative Digital Musical Interaction
This chapter explores the confluence of these domains, giving particular attention to challenges posed by the auditory nature of music and the open-ended characteristics of musical interaction.
Audio delivery and territoriality in collaborative digital musical interaction
The findings and design guidelines presented in this paper are intended to inform future systems for musical collaboration, and also have implications more broadly for the design of multi-user interfaces for which sound is a fundamental component.
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It is argued that musical expression with multi-person instruments is a form of communication between the players, and it is illustrated that design for musical collaboration facilitates exploration of sound space with low entry-level skill.
The Jam-O-Drum interactive music system: a study in interaction design
It is demonstrated that this interactive music system embraces both the novice and musically trained participants by taking advantage of their intuitive abilities and social interaction skills.
Instrumentness for creativity mediation, materiality & metonymy
The paper performs a conceptual investigation into qualities in software interfaces that support creativity, supported by analysis of, and interviews with, musical composers, and explains materiality and metonymy as central strategies for computer mediated creativity.
Video Analysis for Evaluating Music Interaction: Musical Tabletops
This chapter provides a useful insight into how to evaluate musical tabletops using video as a data source and can shed light on understanding shareable interfaces in a wider HCI context of group creativity and multi-player interaction.