Collaboration with Nazi Germany in Eastern Europe: the Case of the Estonian Security Police

  title={Collaboration with Nazi Germany in Eastern Europe: the Case of the Estonian Security Police},
  author={Ruth Bettina Birn},
  journal={Contemporary European History},
  pages={181 - 198}
Little has been written about collaboration with the Nazi occupiers in eastern Europe. Using new material from former Soviet archives, the issue of the security police in Estonia is presented as a case study. The commander of the German security police deliberately set up a structure whereby German and Estonian police officers worked closely together, thereby minimising the need for German personnel. Although the security police dealt with the issues which were politically and ideologically the… Expand
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on the question of how conservative Estonian society was. I am indebted to Dr. Kasekamp for many stimulating conversations
  • Journal of Baltic Studies
  • 1993
/12,`Russen . . . unterwandern durch ihre grosse Fruchtbarkeit
    28.1.1943, sections A and B had to co-operate closely
      60/1/29; from 2.11.1942 on
      • KdS Jahresbericht
      819/1/12. In Ingermanland, the security police had been even more ruthless; they had executed`desgleichen alle rueckfaelligen Berufs-und Gewohnheitsverbrecher
      • KdS Jahresbericht
      819/1/12. Sandberger mentions that the Sipo had succeeded in turning some into their own agents
        Aussenstelle Dorpat to Leiter der politischen Polizei, 14.2.1942, 60/1/29. 106 Case in 63/1/97. The record only con®rms arrests
          Handwritten notes in the margins of the recommendation for execution re¯ect the two con¯icting viewpoints
            It is noticeable that a quite a number of suspect males from this category were unmarried