Cold-stability in the pollen tube cytoskeleton

  title={Cold-stability in the pollen tube cytoskeleton},
  author={Helena {\AA}str{\"o}m and Ismo Virtanen and Marjatta Raudaskoski},
In 3-and 12-hour-old pollen tubes ofNicotiana tabacum microtubules (MTs) most resistant to cold-depolymerization were located in the generative cell (GC). The most cold-sensitive MTs occurred in the apical region of the pollen tube. In the basal part of the tube, the cold-resistance of MTs increased, especially in 12-hour-old tubes. The cold depolymerization pattern of MTs with accumulation of tubulin at the cell and nuclear membranes suggested that binding of MTs to membranes might increase… CONTINUE READING


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