Cold spray coating: review of material systems and future perspectives

  title={Cold spray coating: review of material systems and future perspectives},
  author={Atieh Moridi and S. M. Hassani-Gangaraj and Mario Guagliano and Ming Dao},
  journal={Surface Engineering},
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Abstract Cold gas dynamic spray or simply cold spray (CS) is a process in which solid powders are accelerated in a de Laval nozzle toward a substrate. If the impact velocity exceeds a threshold value, particles endure plastic deformation and adhere to the surface. Different materials such as metals, ceramics, composites and polymers can be deposited using CS, creating a wealth of interesting opportunities towards harvesting particular properties. CS is a novel and promising technology to obtain… 

Fundamentals of Cold Spray Processing: Evolution and Future Perspectives

Cold gas dynamic spraying, or cold spraying (CS), is a solid-state coating process wherein powders in a carrier gas are accelerated toward a substrate. Under sufficiently high impact velocities, the

A comparative review on cold gas dynamic spraying processes and technologies

Cold gas dynamic spraying (CGDS) is a relatively new technology of cold spraying techniques that uses converging-diverging (De Laval) nozzle at a supersonic velocity to accelerate different solid

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ABSTRACT The Cold Gas Dynamic Spray technology, generally referred as Cold Spray, is a relatively new additive manufacturing technique able to produce fully dense coatings through the deposition of

Microstructure and bonding mechanisms in cold spray coatings

  • M. Walker
  • Materials Science
    Materials Science and Technology
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Cold spray additive manufacturing is a solid state deposition process with applications in surface coatings, manufacture of near net shape parts and component repairs. The technology can be

Post-Process Treatments on Supersonic Cold Sprayed Coatings: A Review

Cold Gas Dynamic Spray or Supersonic Cold Spray, or simply ‘Cold Spray’, is an emerging technology for rapidly building thin films, thick coatings and large-scale additive manufacturing at relatively

A Review of Advanced Composite and Nanostructured Coatings by Solid-State Cold Spraying Process

ABSTRACT Cold spraying (CS) has been widely explored over the last decade due to its low process temperature and limited thermal effect on spray materials. As a solid-state process, the inherent

Porosity of Ni-Based and Ti-Based Cold-Sprayed Coatings

Cold spray technology is aimed to produce coatings thanks to the high energy impact of metallic and ceramic particles on similar and dissimilar substrates. The high energy is provided to the

Overview of cold spray coatings applications and comparisons: a critical review

This paper aims to consolidate the results of various researchers focusing the different applications, so that this paper could become the torch bearer for the futuristic researchers working in the



Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Cold Spray Gas Dynamic Effects for Polymer Coating

Low melting temperature materials such as polymers are known to be difficult to deposit using traditional cold spray techniques. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models were created for various

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In this study, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and extensive spray tests were performed for detailed analyses of the cold spray process. The modeling of the gas and particle flow field for

Thin film coatings of WO3 by cold gas dynamic spray: A technical note

Dense and adhesive WO3 films were prepared on a silicon substrate by the cold gas dynamic spray process (or cold spray). In contrast to standard metallic coatings, there was no sizable crater

Formation of Cold-Sprayed Ceramic Titanium Dioxide Layers on Metal Surfaces

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) coatings have potential applications in biomedical implants or as photo-catalytic functional systems. Cold spraying is a well-established method for metal on metal coatings.