Cold giant planets evaporated by hot white dwarfs

  title={Cold giant planets evaporated by hot white dwarfs},
  author={Matthias R Schreiber and Boris T G{\"a}nsicke and Odette Toloza and Mercedes-S. Hernandez and Felipe Lagos},
  • Matthias R Schreiber, Boris T Gänsicke, +2 authors Felipe Lagos
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • Atmospheric escape from close-in Neptunes and hot Jupiters around Sun-like stars driven by extreme ultraviolet (EUV) irradiation plays an important role in the evolution of exoplanets and in shaping their ensemble properties. Intermediate and low mass stars are brightest at EUV wavelengths at the very end of their lives, after they have expelled their envelopes and evolved into hot white dwarfs. Yet the effect of the intense EUV irradiation of giant planets orbiting young white dwarfs has not… CONTINUE READING

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