Cold feet and prolonged sleep-onset latency in vasospastic syndrome.

  title={Cold feet and prolonged sleep-onset latency in vasospastic syndrome.},
  author={Mona Pache and Kurt Kr{\"a}uchi and Christian Cajochen and Anna M Wirz-Justice and Barbara Dubler and Joseph Flammer and Hedwig J. Kaiser},
  volume={358 9276},
People with vasospastic syndrome have cold hands and feet and abnormal vasoconstriction after local cold exposure. Normally there is a circadian rhythm of distal vasodilation, with onset in the early evening, which directly influences ability to fall asleep. We gave a sleep questionnaire to 32 patients with primary vasospastic syndrome and 31 healthy controls. People with vasospasticity had significantly prolonged sleep-onset latency both at onset of night-time sleep and after nocturnal… CONTINUE READING

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