Cold dark matter. 1: The Formation of dark halos

  title={Cold dark matter. 1: The Formation of dark halos},
  author={James M. Gelb and Edmund Bertschinger},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We use numerical simulations of critically closed cold dark matter (CDM) models to study the effects of numerical resolution on observable quantities. We study simulations with up to 256(exp 3) particles using the particle-mesh (PM) method and with up to 144(exp 3) particles using the adaptive particle-particle-mesh (P3M) method. Comparisons of galaxy halo distributions are made among the various simulations. We also compare distributions with observations, and we explore methods for… 
Density profiles and substructure of dark matter halos: converging results at ultra-high numerical resolution
Can dissipationless N-body simulations be used to reliably determine the structural and substructure properties of dark matter halos? A large simulation of a galaxy cluster in a cold dark matter
Cold + Hot and Cold Dark Matter Cosmologies: Analysis of Numerical Simulations
We present a series of four simulations of cold dark matter (CDM) and cold + hot dark matter (CHDM) cosmologies, which we analyze together in this and subsequent papers. These dissipationless
Galaxies in N-Body Simulations: Overcoming the Overmerging Problem
We present analysis of the evolution of dark matter halos in dense environments of groups and clusters in dissipationless cosmological simulations. The premature destruction of halos in such
Evolution of Structure in Cold Dark Matter Universes
We present an analysis of the clustering evolution of dark matter in four cold dark matter (CDM) cosmologies. We use a suite of high-resolution, 17 million particle, N-body simulations that sample
The spin and shape of dark matter haloes in the Millennium simulation of a Λ cold dark matter universe
We investigate the spins and shapes of over a million dark matter haloes identified at z = 0 in the Millennium simulation. Our sample spans halo masses ranging from dwarf galaxies to rich galaxy
Mass Function of Low-Mass Dark Halos
The mass function of dark halos in a Λ-dominated cold dark matter universe is investigated. We analyze 529 output files from five runs of N-body simulations using the friends-of-friends cluster
Extended Press–Schechter theory and the density profiles of dark matter haloes
An inside-out model for the formation of haloes in a hierarchical clustering scenario is studied. The method combines the picture of the spherical infall model and a modification of the extended
Statistics of Physical Properties of Dark Matter Clusters
We have identified over 2000 well-resolved cluster halos, and also their associated bound subhalos, from the output of a 10243 particle cosmological N-body simulation (of box size 320 h-1 Mpc and
The universal mass accretion history of cold dark matter haloes
We use the extended Press-Schechter formalism to investigate the rate at which cold dark matter haloes accrete mass. We discuss the shortcomings of previous methods that have been used to compute the
Reliability of the Dark Matter Clustering in Cosmological N-Body Simulations on Scales below the Mean Separation Length of Particles
We critically examine the reliability of the dark matter clustering in high-resolution cosmological N-body simulations on scales below the mean separation length of particles. The particle


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This book contains papers on the following topics: spectrum of the cosmic microwave background; isotropy of the cosmic microwave background; the IR background; early star and galaxy formation; large
Computer simulation using particles
Computer experiments using particle models A one-dimensional plasma model The simulation program Time integration schemes The particle-mesh force calculation The solution of field equations
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