Cold collisions of OH and Rb. I: the free collision

  title={Cold collisions of OH and Rb. I: the free collision},
  author={Manuel Lara and John L. Bohn and Daniel Edward Potter and Pavel Sold'an and Jeremy M. Hutson},
We have calculated elastic and state-resolved inelastic cross sections for cold and ultracold collisions in the Rb($^1 S$) + OH($^2 \Pi_{3/2}$) system, including fine-structure and hyperfine effects. We have developed a new set of five potential energy surfaces for Rb-OH($^2 \Pi$) from high-level {\em ab initio} electronic structure calculations, which exhibit conical intersections between covalent and ion-pair states. The surfaces are transformed to a quasidiabatic representation. The… Expand
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