Cold-atom scanning probe microscopy.


Scanning probe microscopes are widely used to study surfaces with atomic resolution in many areas of nanoscience. Ultracold atomic gases trapped in electromagnetic potentials can be used to study electromagnetic interactions between the atoms and nearby surfaces in chip-based systems. Here we demonstrate a new type of scanning probe microscope that combines… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2011.80


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@article{Gierling2011ColdatomSP, title={Cold-atom scanning probe microscopy.}, author={M Gierling and Philipp Schneeweiss and G Visanescu and Peter Federsel and Mikael Haeffner and D. Kern and Tilke Judd and Andreas G{\"{u}nther and J{\'o}zsef Fort{\'a}gh}, journal={Nature nanotechnology}, year={2011}, volume={6 7}, pages={446-51} }