Cold War Lessons and Fallacies for US-China Relations Today

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Politics, Power, and Influence: Defense Industries in the Post-Cold War
The post-Cold War era is placing the defense industry at a crossroads. If, on the one hand, it is under great pressure to guarantee warlike efforts around the world, with tight budgets and uncertainExpand


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How China Ends Wars: Implications for East Asian and U.S. Security
Scholars have long noted the higher likelihood of war that seems to accompany the rise and decline of great powers. Harvard professor Graham Allison most recently argued that war with China in the ...
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With this well-written and interesting book on a traditionally important subject—isolationism in American history and as an ongoing issue—Prof. Kupchan has made a significant contribution to the li...
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China's Grand Strategy under Xi Jinping: Reassurance, Reform, and Resistance
China's grand strategy under Xi Jinping is clearly distinctive. It does not, however, fundamentally break with the grand strategy that China has embraced since the early 1990s—one that aims toExpand
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