Cold Fusion Conundrum at Texas A&M: The administration's laissez faire response to worries about possible fraud raises questions about the proper balance between academic freedom and the need to guarantee the integrity of research.

  title={Cold Fusion Conundrum at Texas A\&M: The administration's laissez faire response to worries about possible fraud raises questions about the proper balance between academic freedom and the need to guarantee the integrity of research.},
  author={Gary Taubes},
  volume={248 4961},
  • G. Taubes
  • Published 15 June 1990
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WHEN TRITIUM FIRST APPEARED in John Bockris's "cold fusion" experiments in late April 1989, tthe effect was anything but subtle. Overnight the concentration of tritium in the Texas A&M chemises electrochemical cells increased 10,000-fold. When the tritium appeared repeatediy, in six different cells in one week, it began to look like salvation for cold fusion. After a year ofambiguous or simply negative experiments, Bockris's tritium data remain not only the single most extraordinary "cold… 
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Wolf: my tritium was an impurity.
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