Cold Collision Frequency Shift of an Optical Spectrum of a Trapped Gas

  title={Cold Collision Frequency Shift of an Optical Spectrum of a Trapped Gas},
  author={Mehmet {\"O}zg{\"u}r Oktel and Thomas C. Killian and Daniel Kleppner and Leonid S. Levitov},
We develop an exact sum rule that relates the spectral shift of a trapped gas undergoing cold collisions to measurable quantities of the system. The method demonstrates the dependence of the cold collision frequency shift on the quantum degeneracy of the gas and facilitates extracting scattering lengths from the data. We apply the method to analyzing spectral data for magnetically trapped hydrogen atoms and determine the value of the 1 S − 2 S scattering length. 
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Internal waves and synchronized precession in a cold vapor.

A generalized Bloch equation that includes interatomic exchange effects as well as orbital motion in the gas is derived and used to interpret a recent experiment by Lewandowski et al. as an excitation of a collective wave of internal state polarization.



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