Coin Based Universal Mobile Battery Charger

  title={Coin Based Universal Mobile Battery Charger},
  author={M. Varadarajan},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Engineering},
  • M. Varadarajan
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Engineering
  • IOSR Journal of Engineering
The coin-based mobile battery charger developed in this paper is providing a unique service to the rural public where grid power is not available for partial/full daytime and a source of revenue for site providers. The coin-based mobile battery charger can be quickly and easily installed outside any business premises. The mobile phone market is a vast industry, and has spread into rural areas as a essential means of communication.While the urban population use more sophisticated mobiles with… 

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The coin-based mobile battery charging system is developed in this project, we will providing a unique service to the rural public where grid power is not available for partial/full daytime and a


The mobile phones are play’s vital role in the present communication. The coin-based mobile battery charger developed in this paper for providing a unique service to the rural public where grid power

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This paper is designed in the event of unpredictable grid power and availability of abundant solar power using coin sensor and this is prescribed for rural areas where the mobile phones are basic needs for communication and the grid power is not available all the time.

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The growth of mobile phone market is increase day by day and the need for charging the mobile battery is required anytime and anywhere, so that the mobile phone users can reactivate a low battery or dead battery by simply plug in & charging for one rupee.

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. Abstract: The coin based mobile charging system charges the mobile phones when the coin is inserted. This system is used by shop owners, rural people and can be implemented in the public places

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