Coiled coils: a highly versatile protein folding motif.

  title={Coiled coils: a highly versatile protein folding motif.},
  author={Peter Burkhard and J{\"o}rg Stetefeld and Sergei V. Strelkov},
  journal={Trends in cell biology},
  volume={11 2},
The alpha-helical coiled coil is one of the principal subunit oligomerization motifs in proteins. Its most characteristic feature is a heptad repeat pattern of primarily apolar residues that constitute the oligomer interface. Despite its simplicity, it is a highly versatile folding motif: coiled-coil-containing proteins exhibit a broad range of different functions related to the specific 'design' of their coiled-coil domains. The architecture of a particular coiled-coil domain determines its… CONTINUE READING

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