Coibacins A and B: total synthesis and stereochemical revision.


The interface between synthetic organic chemistry and natural products was explored in order to unravel the structure of coibacin A, a metabolite isolated from the marine cyanobacterium cf. Oscillatoria sp. that exhibits selective antileishmanial activity and potent anti-inflammatory properties. Our synthetic plan focused on a convergent strategy that… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jo402339y


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@article{Carneiro2014CoibacinsAA, title={Coibacins A and B: total synthesis and stereochemical revision.}, author={Vania Maria Carneiro and Carolina Martins Avila and Marcy J. Balunas and William H Gerwick and Ronaldo A Pilli}, journal={The Journal of organic chemistry}, year={2014}, volume={79 2}, pages={630-42} }