Cohomology of exact categories and (non-)additive sheaves

  title={Cohomology of exact categories and (non-)additive sheaves},
  author={Dmitry Kaledin and Wendy Lowen},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
What do Abelian categories form?
  • D. Kaledin
  • Mathematics
    Russian Mathematical Surveys
  • 2022
Given two finitely presentable Abelian categories and , we outline a construction of an Abelian category of functors from to , which has nice 2-categorical properties and provides an explicit model
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We define a tensor product of linear sites, and a resulting tensor product of Grothendieck categories based upon their representations as categories of linear sheaves. We show that our tensor product
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Let $H$ be a Hopf algebra and let $\mathcal D_H$ be a Hopf-module category. We describe the cocycles and coboundaries for the Hopf cyclic cohomology of $\mathcal D_H$, which correspond respectively
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Rump and successively Bondal and Van den Bergh provide an equivalence between the notion of quasi-abelian category studied by Schneiders and that of tilting torsion pair on an abelian category. Any
On the obscure axiom for one-sided exact categories
One-sided exact categories are obtained via a weakening of a Quillen exact category. Such one-sided exact categories are homologically similar to Quillen exact categories: a one-sided exact category


Hochschild homology and Gabber's Theorem
Gabber's Theorem claims that the singular support of a D-module is involutive. We show how to give a conceptually clear proof of this in the context of Hochschild Homology and Cohomology of abelian
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It is known that MacLane cohomology coincides with topological Hochschild cohomology ([28]) and coincides also with Baues-Wirsching cohomology of the category of finitely generated free A-modules
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In this paper we develop the basic infinitesimal deformation theory of abelian categories. This theory yields a natural generalization of the well-known deformation theory of algebras developed by
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This purpose of this book is twofold: to provide a general introduction to higher category theory (using the formalism of "quasicategories" or "weak Kan complexes"), and to apply this theory to the