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Cohomology of $(\varphi,\Gamma)$-modules over pseudorigid spaces

  title={Cohomology of \$(\varphi,\Gamma)\$-modules over pseudorigid spaces},
  author={Rebecca Bellovin},
. We study the cohomology of families of ( ϕ, Γ)-modules with coefficients in pseudoaffinoid algebras. We prove that they have finite cohomology, and we deduce an Euler characteristic formula and Tate local duality. We classify rank-1 ( ϕ, Γ)-modules and deduce that triangulations of pseudorigid families of ( ϕ, Γ)-modules can be interpolated, extending a result of [KPX14]. We then apply this to study extended eigenvarieties at the boundary of weight space, proving in particular that the eigencurve… 



Cohomology of arithmetic families of (,Γ)-modules

We prove the niteness of the ( ’; )-cohomology and the Iwasawa cohomology of arithmetic families of (’; )-modules. Using this niteness theorem, we show that a family of Galois representations that is

Cohomology and Duality for (φ, Γ)-modules over the Robba Ring

Given a p-adic representation of the Galois group of a local field, we show that its Galois cohomology can be computed using the associated étale (φ,Γ)-module over the Robba ring; this is a variant

Universal eigenvarieties, trianguline Galois representations, and p-adic Langlands functoriality

Using the overconvergent cohomology modules introduced by Ash and Stevens, we construct eigenvarieties associated with reductive groups and establish some basic geometric properties of these spaces,

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Abstract For the p-adic Galois representation associated to a Hilbert modular form, Carayol has shown that, under a certain assumption, its restriction to the local Galois group at a finite place not

Finiteness of cohomology of local systems on rigid analytic spaces

We prove that the cohomology groups of an etale Q_p-local system on a smooth proper rigid analytic space are finite-dimensional Q_p-vector spaces, provided that the base field is either a finite

Lattices in Filtered (φ, N)-modules

  • Tongyin Liu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  • 2012
Abstract Let p be a prime. We construct and study integral and torsion invariants, such as integral and torsion Weil–Deligne representations, associated to potentially semi-stable representations and

Irreducible components of extended eigenvarieties and interpolating Langlands functoriality

We study the basic geometry of a class of analytic adic spaces that arise in the study of the extended (or adic) eigenvarieties constructed by Andreatta--Iovita--Pilloni, Gulotta and the authors. We

Extended eigenvarieties for overconvergent cohomology

Recently, Andreatta, Iovita and Pilloni have constructed spaces of overconvergent modular forms in characteristic p, together with a natural extension of the Coleman-Mazur eigencurve over a

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We prove Riemann's theorems on extensions of functions over certain mixed characteristic analytic adic spaces, first introduced by Johansson and Newton. We use these results to reprove a theorem of

Equidimensional adic eigenvarieties for groups with discrete series

We extend Urban's construction of eigenvarieties for reductive groups $G$ such that $G(\mathbb{R})$ has discrete series to include characteristic $p$ points at the boundary of weight space. In order