• Computer Science
  • Published in IICAI 2007

Cohesive Geneset Discovery in Microarray Data

  title={Cohesive Geneset Discovery in Microarray Data},
  author={Ramkishore Bhattacharyya and Balaram Bhattacharyya},
An aqueous alkaline dispersion of a rubbery graft low gel vinyl pyridine copolymer and a water soluble, heat reactive phenolic resin is useful in forming an adhesive for bonding polyamide or polyester reinforcing elements or cords to rubber compounds or stocks. After dipping the polyamide or polyester cord in the one-step adhesive dip, the coated cord is heated to dry it and heat cure or heat set the adhesive on the cord. Thereafter, the adhesive containing polyamide or polyester cord is… CONTINUE READING

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