Cohesin Smc1β determines meiotic chromatin axis loop organization

  title={Cohesin Smc1β determines meiotic chromatin axis loop organization},
  author={Ivana Novak and Hong Bin Wang and Ekaterina V. Revenkova and Rolf Jessberger and Harry Scherthan and Christer H{\"o}{\"o}g},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={83 - 90}
Meiotic chromosomes consist of proteinaceous axial structures from which chromatin loops emerge. Although we know that loop density along the meiotic chromosome axis is conserved in organisms with different genome sizes, the basis for the regular spacing of chromatin loops and their organization is largely unknown. We use two mouse model systems in which the postreplicative meiotic chromosome axes in the mutant oocytes are either longer or shorter than in wild-type oocytes. We observe a strict… CONTINUE READING