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Coherent x-ray radiation induced by high-current breakdown on a ferrite surface

  title={Coherent x-ray radiation induced by high-current breakdown on a ferrite surface},
  author={I. N. Tilikin and Sergey Yu. Savinov and N. V. Pestovskii and Sergey A. Pikuz and Sergey N. Tskhai and T. A. Shelkovenko},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
We observe that at the initial stage of a high-current discharge, a low-divergence short x-ray pulse ($\approx\thinspace$$0.5^{\circ}$, $ \thinspace$$500$ eV) with the energy of $\sim$$21\mu$J is formed over a ferrite surface, which propagates parallel to the surface in the anode direction. The high directionality of the radiation points to its coherent nature. We propose that the radiation is due to the short-lived magnetization of the ferrite surface excited by a high-power electromagnetic… Expand

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