Coherent transport of atomic quantum states in a scalable shift register.

  title={Coherent transport of atomic quantum states in a scalable shift register.},
  author={A Lengwenus and Jens Kruse and Michael Schlosser and Sascha Tichelmann and Gerhard Birkl},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 17},
We demonstrate the coherent transport of 2D arrays of small ensembles of neutral atoms in a shift register architecture based on 2D arrays of microlenses. We show the scalability of the transport process by presenting the repeated hand over of atoms from site to site. We prove the conservation of coherence during transport, reloading, and a full shift register cycle. This shows that the fundamental shift sequence can be cascaded and thus scaled to complex and versatile 2D architectures for atom… CONTINUE READING
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