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Coherent super- and subradiant dynamics between distant optical quantum emitters

  title={Coherent super- and subradiant dynamics between distant optical quantum emitters},
  author={Alexey Tiranov and Vasiliki Angelopoulou and Cornelis Jacobus van Diepen and Bjorn Schrinski and Oliver August Dall’Alba Sandberg and Ying Wang and Leonardo Midolo and Sven Scholz and Andreas Dirk Wieck and Arne Ludwig and Anders S{\o}ndberg S{\o}rensen and Peter Lodahl},
Photon emission is the hallmark of light-matter interaction and the foundation of photonic quantum science, enabling advanced sources for quantum communication and computing [1, 2]. While single emitter radiation can be tailored by the photonic environment [3], the introduction of multiple emitters fundamentally extends this picture [4, 5] following a “ more is different ” dictum [6]. The emerging collective effects include modified emission [7–10] and the creation of emitter-emitter entanglement… 
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