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Coherent states in complex variables and classical dynamics

  title={Coherent states in complex variables and classical dynamics},
  author={Y.Yousefi and Kh.Kh.Muminov},
One of the main motives for the use of Feynmans path integral in quantum mechanics lies in its initiative way of describing the correspondence between classical and quantum concepts. Especially the integration over paths in phase space gives Hamiltonians equation of motion in the classical limit. According to this, the system is firstly supposed to propagate through infinite sequence of coordinate eigenstate, and then via the transformation to momentum representation at each time interval the… 



Path integral in the representation of SU(2) coherent state and classical dynamics in a generalized phase space

Path integral in the representation of coherent state for the simplest semisimple Lie group SU(2) and its classical consequences are investigated. Using the completeness relation of the coherent

Generalized coherent states for SU(n) systems

Generalized coherent states are developed for SU(n) systems for arbitrary n. This is done by first iteratively determining explicit representations for the SU(n) coherent states and then determining


  • Lett A, V. 302, Issue 1, 8-16
  • 2002