Coherent states for arbitrary Lie group

  title={Coherent states for arbitrary Lie group},
  author={Askold M. Perelomov},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • A. Perelomov
  • Published 1 September 1972
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
The concept of coherent states originally closely related to the nilpotent group of Weyl is generalized to arbitrary Lie group. For the simplest Lie groups the system of coherent states is constructed and its features are investigated. 
A note on coherent state representations of Lie groups
The analyticity properties of coherent states for a semisimple Lie group are discussed. It is shown that they lead naturally to a classical ’’phase space realization’’ of the group.
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The coherent state representations of a connected and simply connected nilpotent Lie group are characterized in terms of the Kirillov correspondence, as being those irreducible unitaryExpand
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Coherent states and symmetric spaces
Properties of system of the coherent states related to representations of the class I of principal series of the motion groups of symmetric spaces of rank 1 have been studied. It has been proved thatExpand
Realization of coherent state Lie algebras by differential operators
A realization of coherent state Lie algebras by first-order differential operators with holomorphic polynomial coefficients on K\"ahler coherent state orbits is presented. Explicit formulas involvingExpand
Coherent states and the classical limit on irreducible representations
We give an explicit construction of the coherent states for an arbitrary irreducible representation. We also construct the symplectic structure on the manifold of coherent states, find canonicalExpand
Symplectic orbits in quantum state space
All symplectic orbits of the action of an arbitrary compact connected Lie group on the space of density operators are found. It is shown that there is only one orbit that is Kahler (orbit of coherentExpand
Stability of coherent states
The authors give an algebraic characterisation of the dynamical systems which preserve the coherence of a generalised coherent state defined for a Lie group. The breaking of coherence is related toExpand
New coherent states and inhomogeneous differential realization of Lie superalgebra B(0,1)
New coherent states for the Lie superalgebra B(0,1) are presented. An inhomogeneous differential realization (IHDR) of the Lie superalgebra is obtained. This IHDR may be useful for the study ofExpand
Coherent states and bounded homogeneous domains
Abstract The system of coherent states for complex bounded homogeneous domains is constructed and the properties of coherent states are investigated. The question of selecting complete subsystemsExpand


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