Coherent slowing of a supersonic beam with an atomic paddle.

  title={Coherent slowing of a supersonic beam with an atomic paddle.},
  author={Edvardas Narevicius and Adam Libson and Max Fabian Riedel and Christian G. Parthey and Isaac Chavez and Uzi Even and Mark Raizen},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={98 10},
We report the slowing of a supersonic beam by elastic reflection from a receding atomic mirror. We use a pulsed supersonic nozzle to generate a 511+/-9 m/s beam of helium that we slow by reflection from a Si(111)-H(1x1) crystal placed on the tip of a spinning rotor. We were able to reduce the velocity of helium by 246 m/s and show that the temperature of the slowed beam is lower than 250 mK in the comoving frame.