Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Studies at the Accelerator Test Facility*


Coherent Synchrotron Radiation has been the object of recent experiments and is a topic of great importance for several accelerators currently in their design phase (LCLS, ILC, CIRCE). We present the results of several experimental sessions performed at the Accelerator Test Facility KEK (ATF). An infrared bolometer was used to detect the emitted synchrotron radiation in the 1 0.05 mm wavelength range as a function of several beam parameters (beam current, RF power, extraction timing, photoinjector laser phase). The beam energy spread was also recorded. We detected beam-generated synchrotron radiation from the bunch injection. After replacing the beamline in-vacuum window, for better IR transmission, we also measured a signal from circulating beam at the shorter end of our instrument sensitivity. This signal seems very weakly dependant on the beam current and the determination of its exact nature requires further experiments.

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