Coherent Structures in Nonlocal Dispersive Active-Dissipative Systems


We analyze coherent structures in nonlocal dispersive active-dissipative nonlinear systems, using as a prototype the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky (KS) equation with an additional nonlocal term that contains stabilizing/destabilizing and dispersive parts. As for the local generalized Kuramoto–Sivashinsky (gKS) equation (see, e.g., [T. Kawahara and S. Toh, Phys… (More)
DOI: 10.1137/140970033


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@article{Lin2015CoherentSI, title={Coherent Structures in Nonlocal Dispersive Active-Dissipative Systems}, author={Te-Sheng Lin and Marc Pradas and Serafim Kalliadasis and Demetrios T. Papageorgiou and Dmitri Tseluiko}, journal={SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics}, year={2015}, volume={75}, pages={538-563} }