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Coherent Harmonic Focusing and the Light Extreme

  title={Coherent Harmonic Focusing and the Light Extreme},
  author={S.Gordienko and A.Pukhov and O.Shorokhov and T.Baeva},
  • S.Gordienko, A.Pukhov, +1 author T.Baeva
  • Published 2004
  • Physics
  • We demonstrate analytically and numerically that focusing of high harmonics produced by the reflection of a few femtosecond laser pulse from a concave plasma surface opens a new way towards unprecedentally high intensities. The key features allowing for boosting of the focal intensity is the harmonic coherency and the small exponent of the power-law decay of the harmonic spectrum. Using the similarity theory and direct particle-in-cell simulations we find that the intensity at the Coherent… CONTINUE READING

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