Coherent Control of Bond Making.

  title={Coherent Control of Bond Making.},
  author={Liat Levin and Wojciech Skomorowski and Leonid Rybak and Ronnie Kosloff and Christiane P. Koch and Zohar Amitay},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 23},
We demonstrate coherent control of bond making, a milestone on the way to coherent control of photoinduced bimolecular chemical reactions. In strong-field multiphoton femtosecond photoassociation experiments, we find the yield of detected magnesium dimer molecules to be enhanced for positively chirped pulses and suppressed for negatively chirped pulses. Our ab initio model shows that control is achieved by purification combined with chirp-dependent Raman transitions. Experimental closed-loop… 

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This research was supported by The Israel Science Foundation (Grant No. 1450/10) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


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