Coherence and Rydberg Blockade of Atomic Ensemble Qubits.

  title={Coherence and Rydberg Blockade of Atomic Ensemble Qubits.},
  author={Matthew F Ebert and Minho Kwon and Thomas G. Walker and Mark Saffman},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={115 9},
We demonstrate |W⟩ state encoding of multiatom ensemble qubits. Using optically trapped Rb atoms, the T_{2} coherence time is 2.6(3) ms for N[over ¯]=7.6 atoms and scales approximately inversely with the number of atoms. Strong Rydberg blockade between two ensemble qubits is demonstrated with a fidelity of 0.89(1), and with a fidelity of ∼1.0 when postselected on a control ensemble excitation. These results are a significant step towards deterministic entanglement of atomic ensembles. 

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