Cohabitation of insulators and silencing elements in yeast subtelomeric regions.

  title={Cohabitation of insulators and silencing elements in yeast subtelomeric regions.},
  author={Genevieve Fourel and Emmanuelle Revardel and Catherine Elaine Koering and Eric Gilson},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={18 9},
In budding yeast, the telomeric DNA is flanked by a combination of two subtelomeric repetitive sequences, the X and Y' elements. We have investigated the influence of these sequences on telomeric silencing. The telomere-proximal portion of either X or Y' dampened silencing when located between the telomere and the reporter gene. These elements were named STARs, for subtelomeric anti-silencing regions. STARs can also counteract silencer-driven repression at the mating-type HML locus. When two… CONTINUE READING
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