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Cognitive wheels : the frame problem of AI DANIEL C . DENNETT

  title={Cognitive wheels : the frame problem of AI DANIEL C . DENNETT},
  author={Daniel C. Dennett},
Once upon a time there was a robot, named R1 by its creators. Its only task was to fend for itself. One day its designers arranged for it to learn that its spare battery, its precious energy supply, was locked in a room with a time bomb set to go off soon. R1 located the room, and the key to the door, and formulated a plan to rescue its battery. There was a wagon in the room, and the battery was on the wagon, and R1 hypothesized that a certain action which it called PULLOUT (Wagon, Room, t… 


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  • R. Reiter
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
    Artif. Intell.
  • 1980