Cognitive maturation in preterm and term born adolescents.

  title={Cognitive maturation in preterm and term born adolescents.},
  author={Matthew P. G. Allin and Margaret Walshe and Amalia Fern and Chiara Nosarti and Marion Cuddy and Larry Rifkin and Robin MacGregor Murray and Teresa M. Rushe and John Wyatt},
  journal={Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry},
  volume={79 4},
BACKGROUND Adolescence is a critical period of brain structural reorganisation and maturation of cognitive abilities. This relatively late developmental reorganisation may be altered in individuals who were born preterm. METHODS We carried out longitudinal neuropsychological testing in 94 very preterm individuals (VPT; before 33 weeks' gestation) and 44 term born individuals at mean ages of 15.3 years (adolescence) and 19.5 years (young adulthood). RESULTS Full scale, verbal and performance… CONTINUE READING

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