Cognitive functioning in younger and older HIV-1-infected adults.

  title={Cognitive functioning in younger and older HIV-1-infected adults.},
  author={Frances L. Wilkie and Karl Goodkin and I. H. Khamis and Maria H van Zuilen and Diana L. Lee and Robert Lecusay and Mauricio Concha and Stephen N Symes and P Bardaj{\'i} Su{\'a}rez and Carl Eisdorfer},
  journal={Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes},
  volume={33 Suppl 2},
In young adults, a major neurologic complication of HIV-1 infection is cognitive motor impairment. Epidemiologic findings suggest that increasing age is a significant risk factor for HIV-1-associated dementia as the AIDS-defining illness. Findings from the few studies that have directly measured cognition in younger and older HIV-1-infected adults, however, have been mixed, in part, because of small sample sizes and other methodologic differences between studies. The authors present preliminary… CONTINUE READING