Cognitive effects of psychostimulant medication in hyperactive children.

  title={Cognitive effects of psychostimulant medication in hyperactive children.},
  author={James Everett and Julie Thomas and Francine C{\^o}t{\'e} and Jacques L{\'e}vesque and Dominique Michaud},
  journal={Child psychiatry and human development},
  volume={22 2},
Hyperactive and normal children were given a test of selective attention (Stroop test) and a neurocognitive test sensitive to a functional deficit of prefrontal cortex (Wisconsin Card Sorting Test). Hyperactive children showed significant deficits on both measures. After a year of psychostimulant medication, the hyperactive children all showed clinical and neurocognitive improvement, but continued to show a selective attention deficit compared with normal children. The results indicate a… CONTINUE READING