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Cognitive distortions in patients with social anxiety disorder: Comparison of a clinical group and healthy controls

  title={Cognitive distortions in patients with social anxiety disorder: Comparison of a clinical group and healthy controls},
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Analysis of Default Mode Network in Social Anxiety Disorder: EEG Resting-State Effective Connectivity Study
SAD-related changes in brain connections within the default mode network (DMN) were investigated using eight electroencephalographic regions of interest and the precuneus was suggested to be a major source hub that contributes to the mental exploration and emotional content of SAD. Expand
COVID-19 Pandemic and the Importance of Cognitive Rehabilitation
This research presents a novel and scalable approach called “informed consent” that aims to provide real-time feedback on the effectiveness of individualized treatment for depression in patients with a history of depression. Expand
Evaluation of depressive symptoms in a sample with social anxiety disorder
Individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) often also experience depression. This study’s objective was to verify the levels of depression present in a sample of individuals diagnosed with SADExpand
A structural equation model of relationship between Social Anxiety symptoms, Early Maladaptive schemas and Cognitive Distortions in Adolescents
Clinical and epidemiological studies have proved the role of cognitive processes in the formation and continuity of social anxiety. This study aimed to predict the social anxiety symptoms amongExpand
Effect of Well-being Therapy on Depression, Self-Management, and Blood Glucose Level in Females with Type II Diabetes
This dissertation aims to provide a history of psychology in Iran from 1989 to 2002, a period chosen in order to explore its roots as well as specific cases up to and including the year in which the Shah of Iran was overthrown. Expand