Cognitive disparity in schizophrenics with and without cocaine dependency.

  title={Cognitive disparity in schizophrenics with and without cocaine dependency.},
  author={David A Smelson and Craig W. Davis and Norman Eisenstein and Charles Engelhart and John Williams and Miklos F. Losonczy and Douglas M. Ziedonis},
  journal={Journal of substance abuse treatment},
  volume={24 1},
Although cognition has been investigated in individuals with schizophrenia and in non-schizophrenic cocaine abusers, few studies have focused on cocaine-abusing schizophrenics. Previous studies have shown contradictory results despite the fact that individuals with schizophrenia and cocaine dependence have worse long-term outcomes, and that each disorder separately is associated with neuropsychological impairment. The present study intended to clarify these inconsistencies with a comprehensive… CONTINUE READING